The Organization of Rotary International

A Technical Distinction, The Rotary Clubs belong to Rotary International and the individual is a member of a Rotary Club, not Rotary International.

Rotary International is divided into Zones with a number of Rotary Districts in each Zone. The president, General Secretary and Board of Directors govern Rotary International. There are 17 directors in RI who are elected for two year terms with an overlap of members to provide continuity.

The Rotary District


A Rotary District is a geographical territory in which Rotary Clubs are associated for Rotary International administration. The Tyler club is in District 5830 which has forty (40) clubs in northeast Texas, two (2) clubs in Oklahoma and one (1) club in Arkansas for a total of forty Seven (43) clubs. The District maintains a web site at

The District Governor is the Single officer of Rotary International in this District.

Each District Governor has been extensively trained to do his or her job while serving a year as District Governor. They must have served as a President of their club. After District application and election, they become the District Governor Nominee Designate; then the District Governor Nominee; then the District Governor-Elect; and finally, the District Governor.

In addition, each governor and if possible their spouse must attend a Governor-Nominee training seminar (GNTS), then a Governor-Elect training seminar (GETS). The Governor-Elects and their spouses attend a final training at the International Assembly. These are held in the fall of the DGN and DGE Rotary years in San Diego, California and trains all of the incoming governors from throughout Rotary International. The governor serves for one year starting on July 1.

Some of the duties of the District Governor are:

  • Strengthen Existing Clubs
  • Promote and implement the programs of Rotary International
  • Make an official visit to each club in the district
  • Publish a monthly District News letter, Produce a District Directory outlining the goals for Rotary International and the District for the coming year, listing the District officers and , committee chair persons listing the Clubs, Club Officers and meeting times and locations as well as a schedule of major District Events.

Assistant Governors: Since it is impossible for an individual to be everywhere at once, the District Governor has Assistant Governors to assist him or her. This is a new concept that was started with the 1997-98 Rotary year in recognition of the need for better liaison within the Districts. District 5830 has nine (9) Assistant Governors.