Goals & Objectives

Club Service

  • Review and publish a list of classifications that are not represented by the current members to encourage members to recruit members from these classifications when appropriate.
  • Increase current membership of 100 by net 5 gain.
  • Develop new procedure for taking new applications through induction and orientation as well as follow through with red badge time frame. Include communications with executive secretary, sponsor and President.
  • Achieve 50% attendance including communication of different methods to “make up”.
  • Assign members as weekly greeters, invocators, and guest introducers. Communicate with executive secretary on assignments for the agenda.
  • Develop a committee assignment sheet and encourage members to join at least one committee.
  • Work on developing a Touch Points System for the Club.

Vocational Service

  • Organize at least one offsite meeting to learn more about a local organization.
  • Organize and implement the Young Citizens Awards and Banquet. Include all Smith County middle and high schools.

Community Service

  • Organize and implement the new Fund a Need Fundraiser to make an Impact Grant. Set a net profit goal to be presented for approval to the board.
  • Organize at least three service projects that members can participate in.
  • Organize and implement the Salvation Army bell ringing project.
  • Organize and Implement plan to complete at least one joint service project with the other Tyler Rotary Clubs.

International Service

  • Organize a committee of Members to care for local Tilapia project.
  • Organize and host a possible visit by a GSE team to our district.
  • Research and report to board on other opportunities of international involvement by the club.

New Generations

  • Research and report to board opportunities to develop the New Generations Avenue for the Tyler Rotary Club. Research ideas from Rotary International, other clubs and other methods.
  • Reestablish Rotaract and Interact clubs. Research what clubs existed in the past and why they are not longer active. Implement plan to mentor these clubs once they are active again.
  • Work closely with Club Service in developing a plan to recruit club members from past rotaract and interact clubs and possible members under the age of 40.
  • Organize and implement the selection and attendance of students to RYLA camp. Include students from All Saints, John Tyler and possible one additional school.
  • Organize and complete selection of Outstanding High School Senior Students from eight Tyler high schools.

Other Goals and Objectives

  • Organize and implement at least 4 socials either at a members home or a public facility to encourage networking and team work among current and new members.
  • Assimilate and communicate to the media all of the projects and programs of the club to help publicize the importance of The Rotary Club of Tyler. At least 3 media stories.
  • Communicate to the media programs and projects of District 5830 and Rotary International as appropriate to further publicize the overall importance of Rotary. At least one media story.
  • President appoint an ad-hoc committee to development and implement a plan for the pilot corporate memberships the Tyler Rotary Club has been approved to participate in.