Financial Responsibilities

Rotarians are expected to take care of their financial obligations to the Club promptly! The mandatory obligations are:

  1. When approved for membership, there is a $150 induction fee unless the individual is a prior Rotarian or proposed for Honorary membership.
  2. Club dues are $350.00 per year paid in two installments on July 1 and January 1. When a member joins the club they will be billed for a pro-rated amount of the semi-annual payment.
  3. Dues are due within 30 days. If a member is more than 30 days in arrears the secretary will notify the club president who will take appropriate action which may include proposing to the board of directors that the member be dropped from membership.
  4. Club dues include dues for Rotary International, mandatory subscription to the Rotarian magazine, and annual dues for District operations.