Proposing New Members

Proposing a Member for Active Membership It is important for club members to understand that a prospective member is not formally proposed until the Board of Directors has approved an application. The club member proposing a new member will fill out an application and deliver it to the Club Secretary. The board has a maximum of thirty (30) days to act on the application. It should be checked by the membership committee and the classification committee to insure the individual is qualified as outlined in the club by-laws. Once approved, the application with board approval is then taken to the prospective member along with a letter that outlines the privileges and obligations associated with being accepted for membership in Rotarian. The proposed member is then asked to sign the application signifying that they understand the privileges and obligations and that they agree to have their name placed before the club for approval. The name is then announced to the club and if no written objection is received from a club member within seven (7) days, then the member is approved for induction as soon as they have paid their induction fee (if applicable).
If a member of the club has a reason they do not believe the individual being proposed meets the qualifications for being a Rotarian, they must state their objection in writing to the club secretary within seven (7) days of the announcement of the proposed membership to the club members. If an objection is received the board of directors will consider the objection and vote on whether the individual shall be inducted over the objection of a member. If approved, the individual will be inducted upon payment of the induction fee. If disapproved, the board shall notify the proposed individual.

It is rare that a membership proposal will be disapproved after the board has initially approved the application, but there are occasions when a club member has a valid reason for stating an objection and the membership is disapproved.

The change to the by-laws made by the Council on legislation also provides that if a Rotarian that is transferred or for other reason leaves the area serviced by the local club, the losing club or the member may request that they be admitted to membership in another club that services the area to which the individual is moving. Unless the classification for the individual is filled, or another valid reason for objection is received, the individual will be admitted to the new club.

Honorary memberships may be proposed by the board of directors or referred to the board by a club member. As with active membership, the board is the approving authority for the proposal.